“I was overwhelmed by the amazing work you are doing and inspired to look at how we educate our children in the faith. I left with a very positive feeling about links between our communities.”

Father Chris Holden, Vicar of Rishton, St Peter and St Paul

“What’s distinctive about this Foundation is the breadth of what they provide for their children…thanks to the dedication of its founders, and parents, their youngsters are being brought up to be the best of British.”

The Right Honourable Jack Straw, Former Member of Parliament

“There is a lot of thinking at Abu Hanifah Foundation at not just what to learn, but also how to learn it and how to apply that knowledge… The legacy of Islamic learning, the world still benefits from. Abu Hanifah Foundation is adding on to that.”

Dr Shaykh Mahmood Chandia, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

“I expected to see children fatigued and disengaged after a day at mainstream school. The reality was quite the opposite with happy, smiling children of all ages all displaying an eagerness to learn. Of course it is the breadth of that education and the holistic growth you wish to achieve that are the most impressive elements of your provision. To hear young people speak with such humility and respect for those less fortunate who they have helped was particularly striking. Encouraging this social conscience in addition to academic and physical growth bodes so well for the successful future integration of these children into a modern society, at ease with itself, and welcoming of all cultures and traditions.”

Neil Yates, Lancashire F.A.

“We had a very engaging evening with the staff and students of AHF. It was a clear demonstration of a model that works and its success is evident from the outcomes inside and outside the classroom and the energy that is unmissable when you walk around the school. We pray that Allah accepts and blesses this dedicated and inspiring work. Ameen”

Rashidun Supplementary Schools

“Very impressed with the set up, professionalism and all-round holistic approach adopted by Abu Hanifah Foundation. You have a great vision and I have no doubt in my mind that you will change the future of madrassah teaching in this country. The team is setting the standard and anyone who is serious about their communities education should look at the Abu Hanifah Foundation model and seek to implement it as soon as possible.”

Imam Abid Khan, Cheadle Mosque

“Abu Hanifah Foundation is a well-focussed, progressive, forward thinking, outward looking, socially inclusive educational establishment, with an ambition to prepare and mould our children into British Muslim role models”

Maulana Fazlur Rehman Hassan, Chaplain at Blackburn Hospital

“The visit to this Madrasah was truly inspirational. May Allah always guide them and make them work to become global so that Muslims all over can benefit.”

Dr Ali Adam, Al-Islamia College, South Africa

“A very organised, well established and systematic method in place. A strong and good team of dedicated staff and volunteers. A wealth of experience, education knowledge and professional qualifications amongst the staff. An evident pupil-centred curriculum in place and excellent reputation in the community, model for other organisations.”

Future Leaders Academy

“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. It was good to learn more about the work of the Foundation in providing such a well rounded education to the students. The questions the students asked in the assembly demonstrated the breadth of their knowledge and the quality of the teaching they receive.”

John Howard-Norman, Wesley Hall Methodist Church

“I found the whole visit beyond my expectations. The whole vibrancy and ethos was evident in the enjoyment that the children were clearly demonstrating in their education . AHF are to be commended for their innovative and holistic approach to education and it’s positive impact on the wider society.”

Imam Talha Ahmed, Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda

“The visit went far beyond our expectations. AHF is a wonderful model of how today’s madrassa should be educating our children. Anyone wanting to start their own or improve their madrassa should definitely plan a visit.”

Mercy Mission

“I was deeply impressed by the vision, strategy and model of AHF. AHF is revolutionising the madrasah system from a limited and often problematic model to a professional and inspiring one which should be the benchmark to which we all aspire. I pray that Allah grants AHF all success, allows it to realise its vision and makes it a beacon for others to follow.”

Dr. Ahsan Hanif, AlMaghrib Institute

“As President of Marbella Guadalmina Rotary Club, founder and Trustee of Dental Mavericks Charity, and a Scout Leader I was shocked to say the least what I saw. In the very heart of Blackburn I witnessed children loving being taught life values and giving to others. I am amazed. This will no doubt shape our future. If this was in Spain, I would have my two children go here and would pay handsomely for the privilege. May long it continue to make our world and humans a better place.”

Tony J. Gedge, President of Marbella Guadalmina Rotary Club

“A visit to AHF is a must for anyone passionate about education. Come and see for yourself how an inspiring vision permeates from the Chief Executive to the Caretakers and radiates through every teacher and child in every classroom.”

Waqaus Ali, Ilm2Amal