Badges & Awards

Scout’s members will receive regular badges and have the opportunity to earn additional activity badges, before moving on to higher levels. The badges play an integral role within Scouting and allows the children to positively set themselves a target to work towards.  The following is the list of badges Beaver Scouts can achieve:

Membership Badge

Joining in Awards

Challenge Awards

Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges

Chief Scout Challenge Award

Moving on Award

Sleepover Camps & Trips

Throughout the year there will be many opportunities for the Scouts to enjoy a sleepover camps and trips out.  The sleepover camps will require forms to be completed and signed by parents.  We hope to organise regular trips out for the children.

Activities & Supervision

One of the main attractions of scouting is the provision of adventurous activities. The Scout Association has strict rules regulating these activities and in general fully trained activity specific instructors are used. Adventurous activities or trips will be organised throughout the year as part of the scouts programme and occasionally, there may be an extra charge for certain events. More information is available from the Group Scout Leader.

Behaviour & Discipline

All scouts children are expected to behave well and appropriately.  Generally speaking, minor incidents will be dealt with at the leader’s discretion. More serious incidents will result in the parents being contacted.

Delivering a Quality Programme

A good quality programme:

  • provides challenge and adventure for young people and is fun and enjoyable
  • is safe, rewarding and varied
  • is shaped by young people in partnership with adults
  • gives young people an opportunity to learn, develop and share ideas
  • gives young people the opportunity to develop a better understanding of their community and the world around them
  • gives young people the opportunity to gain life skills and confidence, to develop self-esteem and to understand relationships

A Quality Programme is Challenging, Relevant and Rewarding for every young person

This means that, in order to provide a balanced quality programme to young people you need to ensure that you:

  • offer a balance of each of the challenge areas for the section
  • include opportunities to achieve badges and awards such as activity badges, challenge awards or staged activity badges
  • enable all young people to achieve Chief Scout Awards
  • provide opportunities for young people to influence the programme and provide feedback, and act upon this feedback
  • provide opportunities to engage with young people outside of their section, such as attending District and county events or taking part in activities with other sections
  • provide opportunities to take part in activities away from the normal meeting place
  • provide opportunities to engage with the local community
  • offer opportunities to experience nights away
  • be planned in advance by the section’s leadership team
  • be delivered using a wide variety of methods
  • be delivered by adults or young people with the appropriate skills for the planned activities