At AHF we use the Bromcom School Management and Information System (MIS).

Bromcom MIS is an extremely powerful, intuitive, and friendly school software solution. The package seamlessly brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators, helping them to maintain the very best in teaching and learning standards.

Bromcom Top 10 Features

1. Cloud Web Based

Cloud/web based with built-in anytime, anywhere, any device. Having no hardware to buy and maintain within the school.

2. Teacher Friendly Dashboard

The most Teacher friendly Dashboard. It is a gateway to all the information the Teacher needs on one page, they just need to open the door to each section by clicking on it.

3. Scheduled Reports

Reports can be set to automatically run at a set time, on a set day, for example every Friday at 8.00PM. It is your report, your schedule and your decision when
it should be produced.

4. Built-in Document Management System

When a document is Scheduled or Previewed the option to save it to My Reports is given, if this is selected that report is saved in the Document Management System, where it remains for future viewing.

5. Intuitive & User Friendly

It is so easy to move around the Bromcom MIS and find what you are looking for, with minimum clicks.

6. Multi-tab

Multi Tab means Multi Use. Being browser based means you are not restricted to one page.

7. Pupil Tracking

Flexible built-in Pupil Tracking. The Bromcom Assessment and Analysis modules are easy to use and include access to a comprehensive library of Assessment Models.

8. One-stop Shop

No need to go to different suppliers for bolt-ons for your MIS when you can get them from one place.

9. Behaviour

The most flexible and easy to use Behaviour module. The Bromcom Behaviour module was developed to be easy to use and simple to setup.

10.  Built-in Excel Add-in

Built-in Excel Add-in for Live Access to Data. It’s so simple to access data from within Excel, then to produce the charts and spreadsheets that you want.

Top 10 USPs of Bromcom

1. Intuitive and easy to use

2. Cloud Hosted (No hardware needed)

3.Accessible anywhere with internet

4.  Platform independent

5. Tested to work on the most commonly used web browsers

6. No updates or backups – this is all done our end

7. Everything all in one place

8. Can export data to Excel spreadsheets

9. Safeguarding option

10. MyChildAtSchool Parent Portal