As-salamu `alaykum (peace be upon you) and welcome to the Abu Hanifah Foundation Scouts Group.

Scouts provides a wonderful opportunity to our children to become involved in a range of activities, events and adventure. This webpage is designed to give you information on AHF Scouts Programme as well as useful information on scouting, scout uniform, scout badges, scout events and much more.

AHF Scouts

The AHF Scouts is another one of our exciting services that has received regional, national and international recognition through coverage in leading newspapers, magazines, online publications, television news and other media agencies.

AHF Scouts provide opportunities for children to be involved in a range of activities, events and adventures within an Islamic setting in order to develop young confident leaders with outstanding characters.

Children attending the Scouts benefit from taking part in challenges, discovering and mastering new skills, gaining self-confidence, developing strong friendships and most importantly cultivating a love and appreciation of the outdoors.

What makes us a Muslim Scouts Group

The Abu Hanifah Foundation scouts group will focus all its spiritual elements within the framework of Islam. The values, ethos, educational focus and international scope of the scouts are all compatible with Islamic teachings.

“Using the senses and learning by direct observation and experience is therefore a fundamental dimension of an Islamic vision of education. It also reflects the deeper wisdom in Islamic spirituality that knowledge gained by direct experience. Faith (iman) is not a matter of blind belief, but is continually verified and strengthened by direct observation and awareness of the imprint of the divine attributes in creation, evident to those who have ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’.”

Young people in scouting are encouraged to respect and love Allah and respect other people and to cultivate a sense of moral responsibility which is from the fundamental principles of Islam. Did you know almost a third of the 25 million Scouts world-wide are Muslim?

Our Scouts Law & Promise

The three principles that underpin Scouting are:

  1. Duty to Allah
  2. Duty to others
  3. Duty to oneself

The Beaver Scout Promise:

“I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love Allah”.

After joining AHF Scouts, your child will be taught the promise and motto for the Beavers Section. They will then receive their membership badges, the AHF necker and a woggle.