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Our Vision

“To produce the next generation of Muslim role models who have a broad and balanced education in Islam, such that they are God conscious and productive British citizens, who lead meaningful and purpose-driven lives and are able to make pioneering contributions to their immediate society and beyond, in a way that promotes peace, harmony and tolerance and ultimately work to make the world a better place.”

Our Approach

To demonstrate excellence in the teaching and learning of Islamic and Arabic studies, by making use of the latest research in educational and child psychology and the most up to date teaching methods in order to provide the best education to the students.

To provide a rich and rewarding environment, which develops enquiring, creative minds with the spirit of curiosity necessary for the development of pupil’s thoughts, habits and Islamic identity.

Our Goals

To nurture balanced, wholesome, honest Muslims who live lives based on taqwa (God consciousness) and who exemplify excellent character in their dealings with other people.

To promote intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical growth of our students through an Islamically based education, which is broad, balanced and applicable for Muslims living in the West.

To create an environment that strengthens faith, tawhid (monotheism), love of Allah and His Prophet, and a bond with the Muslim Ummah.

To educate students with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah and to instill within them self knowledge, self esteem, wisdom and self confidence.